the all natural bottled breakfast

Introducing the worlds first 'foothie'!

NOSH is a delicious, healthy and most importantly filling grab-and-go breakfast drink.

Made with all natural super-ingredients of wholegrain oats, protein packed quinoa, chunky fruit pieces and Greek style yogurt.

Did you know that the word 'breakfast' derives from the meaning 'breaking the fast' after 10-12 hours of fasting what ultimately breaks this fast is extremely crucial.  The saying holds true 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. Here are some of the reasons why...

Boost your metabolism

After a night of fasting, upon waking your metabolism is really slow and sluggish, a nutritious breakfast starts your metabolic engine, heating your body up, burning calories and getting you going for the busy day ahead.

Improved weight loss

Studies have shown time and time again that those that eat a wholesome breakfast are more effective at losing weight AND keeping it off. This is even more effective if there is fibre and protein in your breakfast.

Increased cognitive function

Did you know that a good breakfast can increase memory, concentration as well as improve our mood and reduce our stress levels. Breakfast really is a no brainer. Especially if you want to perform better in your day.


A healthy breakfast should include the following

  • Fruit/Vegetables - packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.  A full portion is 80g (which is what we have in each of the fruit breakfasts)

  • Starchy food - this includes oats, cereals, bread and other grains.  This gives you the fibre and the energy you need to keep you going until lunchtime.  Look out for hidden sugar and salt in common breakfast cereals.  We use plain porridge oats which are sugar and salt free. 

  • Dairy - contains calcium, vitamin A & D, protein and essential dairy fats.  We have opted for yogurt not only because it is more filling but it contains lots of friendly bacteria which keep our insides healthy.

  • A protein source - There are animal proteins (meat, fish, egg) and vegetarian proteins (nuts, seeds, quinoa, soya).  We chose quinoa as it is the best form of vegetarian protein with all the essential amino acids to aid our growth and repair. 


We understand that many of us don't have the time for a proper breakfast, which is why we created NOSH. We've taken that breakfast with low fat yogurt, wholesome oats, real fruit, snuck in some protein rich quinoa and blended it for you so you can eat (drink) it straight out the bottle.  

Easy peasy!