Pronounced keen-wah,  we use this little seed in our fruit breakfast drinks.  We chose quinoa because it is a powerhouse of nutrients, protein, iron, fibre, magnesium, calcium to name a few, this little seed is a great addition to our range.  For some more juicy info on this superfood click here


It wouldn't be a good breakfast if it didn't keep you full till lunch, this is where heart-healthy oats come in. We use porridge oats in all of our breakfast drinks. A great source of fibre our oat based drinks will keep you fuller for longer. Keen know more about oats? Click here


We always use real fruit, its healthier, tastier and of course natural.  The fruit settles on the bottom of the bottle so do make sure you shake it well before enjoying. Why bananas are more than just an energy booster click here

Greek style yogurt

Greek yogurt boasts nearly twice as much protein compared to regular yogurt, which will keep you feeling full throughout the morning and is loaded with calcium.